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An innovative tool for improving your relationships.

About Nectr

Flowers use nectar to attract bees for pollination. You use Nectr to attract people for love, friendship, and success.

Nectr combines insights from ancient wisdom, modern creativity, and the science of social connection to give you a new, fun, and effective relationship tool. It’s all about knowing yourself and getting the most out of your relationships—whether they are romantic, platonic, or professional. We want you to be the best you can be and Nectr helps you be that.


We’re often told to exercise, eat vegetables, get enough sleep, floss our teeth, and work hard. But even if we do a great job with those habits, we may not feel a sense of meaning, purpose, or joy in life. Something is missing, and it may be essential for our health and fulfillment.

Social connection is what’s missing

Our desire to belong, our motivation to bond with others, and our need for social support are at the core of human nature (study). Yet from 1985 to 2004, the number of people who said they have no one to confide in increased by nearly 300% (study). Over one third of adults are lonely, which puts them at a greater risk for poor health (study). Perhaps more than ever before, there is widespread need to interact meaningfully and develop caring, lasting relationships.

Good relationships improve your health and well-being

Researchers have shown that social connectedness prevents against sickness (study), depression (study), and even death (study). Plus, it’s also beneficial for your mental health (study) and psychological well-being (study). Of course, we may sense this intuitively; when we have a positive interaction with someone, it just feels good! So how can you get more of that in your life?

Nectr helps you get it

We are excited to offer you an innovative, fun tool that can help you enhance your relationships with friends, family, romantic partners, and coworkers.


How it works

Nectr was developed based on the principle of empathy: the ability to understand other people’s emotions.

The underlying premise is that insight into the people who matter most in our lives is a tool that we can use to deepen our relationships. The better you understand someone, the better you can connect with them. However, uncovering that insight can be an elusive, challenging task, so we designed Nectr to simplify it for you.

When you complete the four quadrants of your profile, you discover four valuable aspects of yourself. Then, by sharing your profile, your friends learn about your unique qualities and can use that information to strengthen their friendships with you. Likewise, by viewing your friends’ profiles, you empathize with them on a deeper level and can use that insight to bond in new, exciting ways.

It’s simple, useful, and fun.

What's your Nectr?

Love Quadrant

Intimate Relationships

When you are in love, you experience exhilarating emotions like bliss, attachment, and lust. Intimate passion makes life extra exciting, and who doesn’t want that? We all express and accept love in unique ways, and understanding those differences can take romance to a new level. The Nectr Love Quadrant will help you understand your Love style and your partner’s so you can get more out of your relationship.

Quality Time

Strengths Quadrant

Your Gift to the World

What is your gift to the world? What is your unique flair for creating lasting relationships? Learn about your top Nectr Strengths to better understand yourself and how you’re uniquely talented at connecting with people. This knowledge may help you communicate more effectively, decide career direction, and and improve your relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and romantic partners.

Needs Quadrant

Friends, Family & Coworkers

We all want to feel appreciated. We all want to feel like we belong. But how can your friends, family, and coworkers best express that they value you? What do you need most from your social interactions? Use the Nectr Needs Quadrant to reveal your non-romantic relationship essentials so that others can deepen their connection with you.

Resolution Quadrant

Reduce Conflicts

We all get into disagreements. Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes we hurt others, and sometimes they hurt us. In these situations, resolving conflict is necessary but can be challenging, especially because we often approach resolution in different and confusing ways. When that happens, don’t fret! The Nectr Resolutions Quadrant will help translate your style so that you and the people around you can recognize each other’s attempts at resolution and solve issues more effectively.

Using the results

Learning how to build stronger relationships with lovers, friends, family, and colleagues involves many factors, as does determining whether you’re compatible with someone. Compatibility cannot be determined with Nectr alone! However, the insights provided by Nectr are powerful tools that you can use in your journey to a happier, healthier, richer life. Here’s how to use those insights:

Love Quadrant

The Love Quadrant is all about what a person needs from an intimate partner (i.e. boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse). The Love results help indicate what you desire most in order to feel loved and happy. Use them to spark a conversation with your intimate partner about what each of you need. You may be very surprised and pleased at the outcome.

It may be ideal that a couple shares the same top one or two Love styles. However, if you and your partner have different styles, don’t be discouraged! Humans are capable of learning, so partners with different Love styles can learn to give each other what they need to feel cared for and cherished.

Strengths Quadrant

The Strengths Quadrant is all about what special gift you have that connects you with others. This quiz answers the questions: What do people love most about me? What is my unique talent in relationships? Your Strengths results will help you to reflect on how you build meaningful, lasting relationships and may provide insight into where you should focus your behaviors, both in personal and professional contexts. Perhaps your gift to the world is different than you thought? Perhaps you are looking for a compatible person with a particular type of gift? How can you use your top Strength to get what you desire most in life?

Needs Quadrant

The Needs Quadrant is all about what a person needs from non-romantic relationships—meaning friends, family, and coworkers. Your results indicate what you desire from these types of relationships to feel valued and respected. This Quadrant reveals: How do I like to be treated? Are my friendships enriching my life or draining me? Use your results to assess if you’re getting what you need and deserve from the people closest to you, and check out your friends’ results to make sure you’re giving them what they need!

It can certainly be easier if your friends have the same top one or two Needs as you, because then understanding each other comes naturally. However, having different top Needs gives you both a chance to learn more about one another.

Resolution Quadrant

The Resolution Quadrant is all about resolving conflict. Unfortunately, we all get into disagreements, and not everyone solves disputes in the same way. Whereas one person might be satisfied with a simple apology, another person might need an apologetic action in order to forgive and move on. That’s where your Resolution style comes in handy. Whether it’s a romantic or non-romantic relationship, the Resolution results help you determine how to best work things out with others, while enabling them to find the best way to make up with you.

It may be easier to resolve conflicts if both people have the same Resolution style. That said, humans are adaptive and the fact that you are reading this implies a desire to consider new ideas and methods that may help!

Complete Nectr Profile

Once you have all four quadrants completed, you are well on your way to better, more fulfilling relationships. Don’t forget to share your complete Nectr Profile with others and check out their profiles, because this tool is most effective if you discuss it with the people you care about. Use Nectr as a conversation starter! That way, together you can build stronger relationships, bring out the best in each other, and get more out of life.